I have made lots of websites over the last years, most of them just to practice, but some already for customers. Those you can check out in my portfolio.

If you want me to make a website for you, it’s actually quite simple. Just take a look at the questions down below, and when you think you can answer all of them, click the “HIRE ME” button at the top of the page.

The host

Bevore you choose anything, be it style, topic, or backend, you need to know which host to use. I have reccomendations, of course, but you are free to choose whoever you want as your host.

I don’t know much about Bluehost, but a lot of people are very confident that this is one of the best solutions for webhosting.

My personal favourite. The website you are currently on is hosted by them, as well as

The backend

This point is a bit tricky. If you don’t know anything about websites or CMSs, you can just leave this point to me. If you DO know how this works, I would still ask you to leave the choice of backend to me, as I can use whatever suits me and your website best.
You can of course always request a system I have not listed here, but please note that it will take longer for me to complete your site if you do that, because I will have to read the documentations of the system first.


My go-to CMS. It’s easy to use, even after the website is finished and you have to edit something. Also, it’s suitable for almost any form of website, thanks to plugins.

Pure HTML and CSS

Very static. This is a good option if you never want to touch it again. Pure code, no CMS other than FTP.


Very powerful CMS, and in many ways similar to WordPress. I can make you a website in Joomla!, but if there is no specific reason for it I would suggest WordPress, as I know my way around there better.

The topic

Should be easy, right? I mean, you came here because you want a website for something, right? And that’s your topic!

The content

Now that we got the topic down, let’s look a little deeper into what will be on your website. Because your topic and content go somewhat hand-in-hand
This is a step you can of course discuss with me, if you are unsure about what to put. Most things common sense will tell you, but some tipps and tricks are harder to find.

The style

This is the point where you decide how your website should look. Colourfull, moody, friendly, dark, bright, wavy, …. you name it.
Here are two things to think about: The layout, and the colour pallet.
The layout is quite simple, because it’s mostly the same. And why do I know you will very likely choose that same layout everyone is using? Because they don’t use it because they are uncreative, but because the way things are arranged has prooven itself over the years.
Colour pallet will reqire a bit more thinking, though. The website should represent your brand, your product, yourself, whatever. The best way to come up with a pallet is to look at your content, and pick colours that go with it. Usually you will need 2 – 4 colours for a full pallet. If you want, for example, a website for yourself, your favourite color with some shade of gray (from white to black) might just do you wonders.

I can work best if you provide some form of drawing of your idea, because i can get a better understanding of what you want.

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